Data Activation

Part 3 of Data Activation Is Not The Goal
For growth to happen, a lot needs to happen before and after data activation workflows are set in motion.
Make Your Data Warehouse Your Growth Engine | Boris Jabes, CEO at Census In this episode, Arpit and Boris jam on what it takes for data and growth teams to collaboratively turn the data warehouse into a growth engine!
Data Activation, one of the key activities that lead to growth, has some limitations in the absence of a data warehouse.
The Rapid Evolution of Reverse ETL | Boris Jabes, CEO at CensusIn this episode, Arpit talks to Boris about the rapid evolution of Reverse ETL from a fancy new data tech to a feature that’s table stakes for all of…
A complete history of how Data Activation became a hot topic in the Modern Data Stack in early 2021, what exactly it means, and how it has evolved since…
By combining event data from primary sources and object data from secondary sources