Make Your Data Warehouse Your Growth Engine | Boris Jabes, CEO at Census

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Use the data that’s already in your warehouse. 

Easy-peasy right? 


Let’s try again.

Use the data that’s already in your warehouse. 

See, it takes no effort to SAY that. You can say it, I can say it, a 5 y/o can say it. 

But what does it take to DO the thing – to walk the tawk?

What does it take for a growth team to leverage the data that's ALREADY IN THE WAREHOUSE? 

What is the role of the data team in enabling the growth team to use the available data? How by doing so, are data analysts and engineers able to do more impactful work, and understand how their efforts impact the business?

These are some questions Boris and I jammed on in this episode of BrandJam.

Boris was already on a roll, but then he said something – I had to exhibit restraint here – and I literally wanted to jump and do a drumroll on my drumkit behind when I heard these words: 

“I think data teams are actually growth teams. And if they're not, they should probably think that way.” 🥁🥁🥁

The full episode – on how to turn the data warehouse into a growth engine – is right here! (no need to waste time looking for the link in the comments).

P.S. I regret exhibiting restraint and not doing that drumroll. But the next time I hear someone say anything along the lines of “data people should think like growth people or vice versa”, I'm gonna do it.

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